Cryptocurrency Transfer

SF Global Account’s Cryptocurrency Transfer

This page details the Cryptocurrency Transfer service included in the Basic Plan of “SF Global Account (hereafter SF account)”.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Transfer

  • Send money faster than traditional fiat currency transfers.
  • You can send funds directly to other people’s wallets.
  • Cheaper fees than traditional fiat currency transfers.

Faster and cheaper funds transfers are the main advantages of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies can be transferred directly between wallets of individual on the internet, making it possible to transfer value faster than traditional fiat currency transfers. Another advantage of cryptocurrencies is that as they have the same universal value wherever you are, no currency exchange is required and the transfer fees are low. Demand for cryptocurrency as a way to transfer money online is expected to continue to grow in the future. Cryptocurrencies that can be used at a low cost is also great for micro-transactions and online purchases.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

  • SF Account supports a total of 5 Cryptocurrencies (digital assets).
  • *We plan to support more cryptocurrencies and currency pairs in the future.
Asset Name Asset Ticker Symbol Currency Pairs
Litecoin LTC LTC-USD
Ethereum ETH ETH-USD
Bitcoin Cash BCH BCH-USD

Things to note

  • *The value of your assets will fluctuate according to the market price.
  • *Each service incurs a certain amount of fee. Please check the “Fee Schedule” page to find the various fees.