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We cooperate with offshore banks which possess bank licenses and all the solid functions required of financial institutions.
Your valued assets will be safely store with Global Bank.
For those with SWIFT and IBAN codes,
overseas SWIFT remittances are possible.

SF global account Ltd. is a corporation based in the Republic of the Seychelles, a tax haven otherwise known as a special financial zone. We possess business alliances with licensed banks that can provide the banking functions that constitute the majority of the offshore system. In partnership with such banks, we officially handle overseas SWIFT remittances. As well as conventional banking functions, we offer “SF Global Account”, a next-generation overseas online account that supports digital assets such as such as virtual currencies (cryptographic assets). Asset management, use and investment, as well as linking with debit cards, are all greatly improved in terms of convenience as compared to conventional overseas online accounts.

Many payment gateway companies manage their online services and allow payments using debit or credit cards, but lack of a formal bank license and concerns about information security cannot be ignored. At our company, we understand such concerns about technology-dependent services that operate in the absence of the customer. Solid banking and asset management functions are therefore indispensable in protecing the valued assets of our customers.

We provide our customers with reliable state-of-the-art services boasting both functionality and security that support digital assets like virtual currencies officially provided by banks. Your valued assets will be safely stored with Global Bank, which you can use for long-term maintenance and asset management with confidence.

Introduction to CI

Our CI (Corporate Identity) is SF (SF = Satisfying Future).
We prioritize our customers time and assets, providing safe and convenient services to our customers for a more satisfying future.

Company Profile

Company Name SF global account Ltd
Location Room B11, First Floor, Providence Complex, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles
Established October 20. 2020
Capital 80million dollar
Registration IBC company No.224170
Available financial institution codes SWIFT and IBAN