How to open an account

It is possible to open an account easily on the Internet.

We will guide you through the flow of account opening. Our “SF Global Account”, which aims to be the next generation of global online accounts, allows you to easily complete the account opening procedure on the Internet.

Flow of account opening

1. Apply from the account opening form

Click on the “Open an Account” button located throughout the site and proceed to the account opening application form. You will be asked to enter your name, e-mail address, and other basic information. Once you have completed the form and sent it to us, we will send you an auto-reply e-mail to the e-mail address you entered.

2. Check the auto-reply mail.

Please check the auto-reply email. You will receive a URL and password to access the KYC (Know Your Customer) Form, so please proceed to the form screen.

3. Fill out the KYC (Know Your Customer) form

Please submit the identity verification documents required for the account opening procedure. Please upload the following documents as images or PDF files from the form. We can also accept images taken with a smartphone.

1. Identification verification documents
A. Passport (clear photo page) or B. International Driver’s License (both sides required, must include photo, issue date, expiration date, date of birth, and license number in English)

2. Proof of current address (document verifying your address)
A. Bank statement (must include date, name, and address) or B. Bank or credit card bill (must include date, name, address, and transaction details) or C. Utility bill (must include date, name, and address).

4. Account opening after screening and payment completion

After KYC (Know Your Customer) and screening, we will notify you of the result by e-mail.
Customers who open an account will be asked to pay an account opening fee of $1,500 (payment method will be announced by e-mail).
After payment is completed, you will receive a login URL, ID, and initial password. Please reset your password as desired and start using your account.

*If there are any shortcomings during KYC and screening, the SF Global Account Office will contact you by e-mail.
*The SF global account office will contact you via email if there are any shortages during KYC and screening. Please understand this in advance.