SWIFT Bank Transfer

SF Global Account’s SWIFT Bank Transfer

This page details the SWIFT Bank Transfer service included in the Basic Plan of “SF Global Account (hereafter SF account)”.

Benefits of SWIFT Bank Transfer

  • You can send funds to any financial institution in the world through the global network.
  • You can send and receive funds in USD, the world’s reserve currency.
  • Other than regular bank transfers, we also support expedited tranfers to other banks in emergencies.

This global bank transfer network is used by all major international financial institutions.

SWIFT Bank Transfer allows you to transfer funds through the SWIFT global network to any financial institution in the world. SF Global Account Co., Ltd. has partnered with banks with international banking licenses and is authorized to handle SWIFT bank transfers. Using your SF Global Account, you can send and receive USD, the world’s reserve currency, to anyone anywhere in the world. The time required for the transfer will depend on the destination, purpose, and amount, but rest assured that it is a reliable global banking network. Additionally, other than regular SWIFT transfers, you may also request for expedited transfers to other banks during emergencies.

Things to note

  • *You can only send and receive USD.
  • *The transfer may take some time until completion. The time required depends on the destination, purpose, and amount.
  • *Each service incurs a certain amount of fee. Please check the “Fee Schedule” page to find the various fees.