About overseas Internet account

What is an overseas Internet account?(offshore bank)

Republic of Seychelles

An overseas Internet account is an account at an overseas bank in a country in which you do not live. You can be manage it through the Internet. Offshore bank accounts are among the best known.
“Offshore bank” broadly refer to overseas banks that can be used by non-residents. However, in the financial industry, in many cases, offshore banks are considered to be in tax haven countries and regions where taxes are reduced or exempted. They are associated with so-called “special financial zones” that receive preferential tax treatment. Tax haven countries include Hong Kong, Singapore, Monaco, the Republic of Seychelles, and the Cayman Islands.
SF Global Account is a corporation based in the Republic of Seychelles. While partnering with a bank having a banking license, we provide banking services that take maximum advantage of the offshore banking system.

What is the purpose of using an overseas Internet account?

The purpose of having an overseas Internet account varies depending on the user. Here are a few examples of how it can be used:

・ To divide assets overseas and keep them securely.
・ To invest overseas.
・ To use it when traveling abroad for pleasure or business.
・ To use it for frequent overseas remittances.
・ To mitigate low interest rates in one’s country.
・ To mitigate the risk of a declining monetary value in one’s country.

Although it depends on the country or region where you live, the common objective is to use it as a risk hedge to protect personal assets with stable currencies and stable assets. Offshore banks are therefore attracting attention for the purpose of safely maintaining and managing financial assets over the long term in special financial regions.

The US dollar is the world currency.

Advantages of an overseas Internet account

An overseas Internet account can basically be used to maintain and manage financial assets for the long term without worry. The specific advantages are as follows:

Offshore banks give high interest rates.

Tax havens reduce or exempt taxes. This affords the “high interest rate” characteristic of offshore banks, making these banks highly attractive as they take maximum advantage of the tax haven. There is no tax on the interest, and you can freely manage and operate your account as you wish. There is growing anxiety over keeping personal assets only in the currency of one’s country. Therefore, having an overseas account with a high interest rate is attracting much attention not only among the wealthy, but also among the general public for building assets.
*The “SF Global Account (hereinafter, “SF account)” is an overseas Internet account where you can have ordinary deposits and time deposits in US dollars, the world’s key currency.
*More information on time deposits for SF accounts will be posted soon on the website.

Low fees for various services.

One of the advantages of an overseas Internet account is that the fees for various services are low. Fees for deposits and remittances are lower than at brick-and-mortar financial institutions. Since we have a business partnership with a bank possessing a bank license, we can legally handle overseas SWIFT remittances and other services. An overseas Internet account enables you to easily use various online services.

The offshore bank’s debit card can be used around the world.

Some offshore banks issue a debit card tied to your account. The card can be used for making payments for shopping, dining, etc.
The debit card for your SF account can be used to charge your account on the same platform as your deposited US dollars. Easily make payments without withdrawing cash. You can also withdraw cash in the local currency at ATMs in Japan and overseas.

Strengths of “SF Global Account”.

The strengths of our “SF Global Account”, an overseas Internet account with conventional banking functions and much more.

Supports digital assets such as virtual currencies.

Our “SF Global Account” overseas Internet account supports conventional banking functions and also digital assets. It makes it possible to manage all your assets in various legal currencies and virtual currencies together on the Internet. A revolutionary platform to easily manage virtual currencies (crypto-assets), said to be the key for next-generation assets. Since the wallet storing your virtual currencies is provided by the same account, you can manage all your financial assets together and check the status of your assets at a glance. Also, since fees are charged only if you use virtual currency services such as wallets, it is safe even for people who do not own any virtual currency and just want to transfer money to an overseas bank.

Customer support is multilingual.

The language barrier is seen as a drawback for an overseas Internet account. Until now, opening an overseas account required some English. This is because any emails for inquiries or problems would be in English. However, our customer support is multilingual to help people around the world.

You can open an account online.

There are various ways to open an offshore bank account. The application procedure is still time consuming, whether you go to the bank or do it online and by postal mail. Aiming to be the next-generation overseas Internet account, an SF account can be opened online without any other steps. We want to bring overseas Internet accounts closer to you and help you manage your assets more easily. an SF account can be opened online without any other steps. We want to bring overseas Internet accounts closer to you and help you manage your assets more easily.

Aiming to provide services for people in all countries and generations.

As above, we have explained the many services and safety of overseas Internet accounts and the convenience of managing digital assets with our SF Global Accounts. For more information, check the relevant services. Think about opening an SF Global Account, a next-generation overseas Internet account enabling a high degree of flexibility to maintain and manage your assets.