Debit Card Payment (POS)

SF Global Account’s Debit Card Payment (POS)

This page details the Debit Card Payment (POS) service included in the Basic Plan of “SF Global Account (hereafter SF account)”.

Benefits of Debit Card Payment (POS)

  • You will be issued with a Debit Card connected to your SF account.
  • You can use it by loading the card with your USD deposit on the same platform.
  • You can use it for shopping and at restaurants anywhere in the world.

Add funds from your account and use it for seamless payments.

The debit card issued for your SF account, which allows you to manage various assets on a single platform, can be used by loading it up with the USD deposit on the same platform. As you can access your SF account from your PC or smart phone, you can load it up any time you want. This debit card will enable you to make payments seamlessly without ever having to withdraw cash. The Point of Sales (POS) payment system is widely accepted in physical retail stores and restaurants all over the world as well as online shopping platforms that have POS payment enabled, so you can use it for a variety of payments. You can apply for a Debit Card from your account page after making a minimum deposit of $2,000 upon opening your SF account.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

  • SF Account supports a total of 5 Cryptocurrencies (digital assets).
  • *We plan to support more cryptocurrencies and currency pairs in the future.
Asset Name Asset Ticker Symbol Currency Pairs
Litecoin LTC LTC-USD
Ethereum ETH ETH-USD
Bitcoin Cash BCH BCH-USD

Things to note

  • *There is a card purchase limit, but you can easily change the limit after use.
  • *Each service incurs a certain amount of fee. Please check the “Fee Schedule” page to find the various fees.