Fiat (Current) Deposit

SF Global Account’s Fiat (Current) Deposit

This page details the Fiat (Current) Deposit service included in the Basic Plan of “SF Global Account (hereafter SF account)”.

Benefits of Fiat (Current) Deposit

  • Deposit in US Dollars, the world’s reserve currency.
  • Store it in a safe global online account.
  • As it is a foreign currency deposit, you can expect better returns on exchange rates.

Securely store and grow your precious savings

We store your precious savings securely in banks with international banking licenses. Please use your account to store and invest in assets securely for the long term. When you deposit your savings, it will be converted to US Dollars “USD”, the world’s reserve currency. The conversion will be executed at the conversion rate during the deposit. Global Online Accounts have lower exchange rate fees compared to banks with physical branches. Additionally, you can expect better returns on exchange rates with a foreign currency deposit. By buying and selling cryptocurrencies at attractive rates at the right timing, you can gain profit even after deducting the fees. The SF Account not only allows you to safekeep your savings but also invest in various assets with low transaction fees.

Things to note

  • *Account deposit is only available in USD.
  • *The minimum deposit amount is $2,000. When your total deposit amount falls below $1,000, your account will be frozen and you will be required to go through the same procedure as when you are registering for a new account. While your initial deposit must be a minimum of $2,000, we recommend depositing amounts that you are comfortable with for managing your assets and investing after that.
  • *Each service incurs a certain amount of fee. Please check the “Fee Schedule” page to find the various fees.