Cryptocurrency Deposit

SF Global Account’s Cryptocurrency Deposit

This page details the Cryptocurrency Deposit service included in the Basic Plan of “SF Global Account (hereafter SF account)”.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Deposit

  • Your SF Account comes with a wallet that can be used to store cryptocurrencies.
  • This allows you to manage all your different assets on a single account at a glance.
  • Enhanced security with 2-factor authentication.

Manage all assets at a glance & with high security.

Your SF Account comes with a wallet that stores cryptocurrencies and can be accessed from multiple devices such as your PC or smartphone. As you can manage all your money and digital assets on a single interface, you can get a good idea of the status of your finances at a glance. As 2-factor authentication is required to login to your SF account, the wallet boasts a high level of security. If you feel uncomfortable about leaving your cryptocurrencies on wallets of cryptocurrency exchanges, please do use SF account which provides a high level of safety and usability.
*Using the same account, you can store your cryptocurrencies on an online hot wallet, offline (not connected to the internet) cold wallet, or access the global market and trade them.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

  • SF Account supports a total of 5 Cryptocurrencies (digital assets).
  • *We plan to support more cryptocurrencies and currency pairs in the future.
Asset Name Asset Ticker Symbol Currency Pairs
Litecoin LTC LTC-USD
Ethereum ETH ETH-USD
Bitcoin Cash BCH BCH-USD

Things to note

  • *The value of your assets will fluctuate according to the market price.
  • *Each service incurs a certain amount of fee. Please check the “Fee Schedule” page to find the various fees.